Confíe en mí: soy su doctor- Sofía Mello (Kindle Edition)

SERIES: Spanish Readers (Based on a true urban legend)
AUTHOR: Sofía Mello
  • PUBLICATION DATE: August 7, 2018
  • SOLD BY: Amazon Digital Services LLC
  • LANGUAGE: Spanish

"Confíe en mí: soy su doctor" for High Advanced Students (level C2, also known as Maestría in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) is the 4th book of Editora Delearte's Spanish readers series "Based on true urban legends". You need to know present, past and future tenses, understand finer shades of meaning when reading long texts and also, have a good familiarity with phrasal idioms. We've translated some words and expressions from the Argentinian Spanish to English (and Portuguese) that you probably won’t find in a dictionary but if you have any doubts regarding a word you don’t understand (and this has not been translated), you can look it up in a free Spanish- English dictionary available for download (in our books, you'll find a short guide to download it in your device).

"Jorgelina, a 35-year-old woman, has been living a life of solitude and isolation due to her weight. She seems to have renounced to the idea of having a normal life. Until one day, a new neighbor, a doctor, knocks on her door and offers her a miracle. But miracles come with a price..." 

Chapter I: 

"Durante años, he sufrido por mi apariencia. No soy una mujer de gran hermosura pero creo que soy bastante bonita. Solía resaltar mis ojos azules con sombras oscuras y pintar mis labios de un rojo llamativo. Estudié cosmetología cuando tenía dieciséis años y puedo decir, con mucho orgullo, que mi piel conserva la tersura de los quince años.

Pero no era mi rostro lo que me producía esta sensación de disconformidad conmigo misma. Esa disconformidad la sentía cuando me observaba del cuello a los pies; eran mis 120 kilos los que me acomplejaban. 120 kilos en 1,65 m [...]"

Our books aim to make language practice easy and fun with engaging stories. So if you enjoy reading and want to practice your Spanish, this is your book! 

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